Yeditepe University R&D and Analysis Center (YU-AGAM) was established within T.R. Yeditepe University in 2012.
Since its establishment, it continues to provide R&D and analysis service in a wide range of sectors with its growing expert staff, infrastructure and state-of-the-art technology. YU-AGAM started its analysis service as a Food Analysis Laboratory in 2012, has become a laboratories complex including Food, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Imaging, Environmental Measurement, Soil, Fertilizers, Plant and Irrigation Water, Occupational Hygiene (OHS) Measurement, Geochemical Analyses, R&D Center and Clinical Research Center (Bioequivalence/Bioavailability) Laboratories. 

YU-AGAM aims to grow continuously in the light of scientific advances with its technological infrastructure and qualified human resources in line with the needs and demands of the sector and to contribute to the national economy by pioneering in conducting all the required analyses in Turkey. YU-AGAM is located in the ISTEK Foundation Acıbadem Campus with its 5,000 m2 of laboratory infrastructure and conducts its studies in coordination with other laboratories within T.C. Yeditepe University, in addition to its laboratories in its headquarters. In addition, KOSGEB member enterprises (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Organization) can receive aid for their testing, analysis and calibration needs from YU-AGAM.

Yeditepe University Laboratory Services



Enlightening sectors with accurate, fast and reliable analyses, and contributing to increasing the producers’ quality.


Contributing to enabling performance of any analyses that cannot be performed in Turkey, meeting R&D requirements and generating solutions to problems of the sectors.