YU-AGAM R&D Center has been continuing its studies to develop novel projects and product designs entirely within itself with the budget allocated to R&D studies since 2018. In this scope, we have been authorized by T.R. Ministry of Industry and Technology to operate as a R&D Center.

Ar-Ge, yenilik, inovasyon, yeni ürün, analitik

The objectives of our R&D studies are to:

Ensure novel products are generated with the cooperation between Yeditepe 
University and the industry,

Contribute to academic literature with scientific work and the resulting publications,

Ensure that R&D unit finances its own work by commercializing the products 
generated in the R&D unit, financed by Analysis Laboratory,

Make new patent applications related to the generated products and processes,

Pioneer the production of new and useful products that are not produced in the 
national and international sector,

Develop appropriate analytical methods for the analysis of new products and 
make necessary checks.