Yeditepe University Laboratories

T.R. Yeditepe University R&D and Analysis Center (YÜ-AGAM), established within Yeditepe University, is a complex of laboratories where many laboratories are located together. Our laboratories serve within the framework of nationally and internationally accepted analysis methods and TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Test Laboratories Accreditation standard.

Our laboratories;

• Food Analysis Laboratory

Soil-Soil Regulators, Plant and Irrigation Water Analysis Laboratories

• Pharmaceutical Analysis Laboratory

Cosmetic Analysis Laboratory 

Geochemistry Analysis Laboratory 

Imaging Laboratory 

Environmental Measurement and Analysis Laboratory 

Occupational Hygiene (OHS) Measurement and Analysis Laboratory 

R&D Center 

Clinical Research Center 

YÜ-AGAM, established as a complex of laboratories, is equipped with devices and equipment developed with the latest technology. With its expert staff and the experience of being a well-established educational institution, it is rapidly advancing towards becoming an accurate, reliable, innovative and solution-oriented science center that constantly develops itself.