We Received our OECD Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Certificate.

As Yeditepe University R&D and Analysis Center, we are honored to share with you that we have received our OECD Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Declaration of Conformity as a result of a long and tiring work process, thanks to our risk-based work and quality system. With our Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Declaration of Conformity; The quality, data integrity and validity of the data produced in our analyzes have been internationally approved. With this success, we are proud of taking a big and important step on behalf of our country.

In the process when we were working for the OECD Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Declaration of Conformity; We have seen once again that establishing a sustainable system and identifying the right collaborators is paramount. We aim for mutual growth by working together for many years by making solution-oriented and remedial evaluations with you, our esteemed stakeholders, who do not only see the results of analytical work as paper.

With the innovative perspective of Yeditepe University R&D and Analysis Center (YÜ-AGAM), we say it's time for innovation in your quality control studies...